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         SignFX has been serving the central Oregon area since 2000. And is dedicated to providing its customers with professional solutions to all their signage needs. Our business is committed to timely production of its products and the satisfaction of its customers. As well as quality of design, materials, and professional service. Our mission is to ensure that every customer is provided with an excellent product and in turn becomes a repeat customer. And those happy customers then refer us to others for their signage needs. This is how SignFX has grown over the years. And has been fortunate enough to never have to “cold call” to drum up business in all its years for that reason.

            Our business does not have a storefront location. This has been intentional from the beginning, and is where our “low overhead pricing” comes from. Without the additional costs for a retail structure rent or lease, utilities, taxes, and along with the need for additional staff. SignFX is able to pass those reductions in costs onto its customers. While providing the same quality of signs, or better, as the other brick and mortar sign companies in the area. This also allows for time savings for our customers. As we can come to you to consult if needed. And a lot of the time we will drop our products off to our customers as well.

            SignFX produces all types of signs for the central Oregon area. From small to large… Complicated to simple… From concept to completion let SignFX be your first choice for all your signage needs. Please call us today to discuss your next project.


                                                                                                      Brian Peterson (owner)

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